Riding Lessons

Texascattle Services Riding LessonsWant a very personal type of riding lesson for you and your horse? You’ve come to the right place! Texas Made Cattle & Horse Company offers a private riding coaching which aims to develop an intimate connection with your horse, build trust, read your horse’s body language, and establish true communication without using force or coercion.

Our certified trainers are equipped with good groundwork and other training required. Whether you’re a 10-year old kid or a 50-year old adult, we have the right training suitable for all ages—allowing you to learn horse riding from A to Z. For experienced riders, we provide the opportunity to take your riding skills into new heights.

No-Risk Riding Guaranteed!

The backbones of our riding lessons are functionality, safety, and enjoyment. For us, learning how to ride your horse is all about being safe and keeping your trusty steed fit on every level. Along with the preparatory lessons for conditioning, you and your horse are various instructional methods and strategies to help achieve your goal. Once you’ve finished the lessons, you and your horse are ready to take a long ride together with comfort and confidence.

Take our riding lessons and become a pro rider! Contact us today!