Horse Training and Riding Lessons in Granbury, TX

Besides providing talented, healthy, and well-trained horses, Texas Made Cattle & Horse Company offers training and riding lessons to help improve your riding ability. Our team of qualified instructors and trainers provide horse training, riding lessons, roping lessons, gelding, and leather work. Talk to us today!

Texascattle Services

Horse Training

Want to take your horse riding skills to the next level? Our team of expert trainers can help. We provide private horse training for all types and levels of riders. Learn more.

Riding Lessons

We have certified trainers who will provide private riding lessons to enhance your riding skills and help develop an intimate connection with your horse. Whatever your age, your level of expertise, or the techniques you need to learn, we have you covered. Learn more.

Roping Lessons

Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or advanced roper, Texas Made Cattle & Horse Company is the right place to improve your roping skills. We have professional instructors who will provide roping lessons for any level of riders. Learn more.


Having trouble training your horses? We provide gelding programs to transform your disobedient studs into well-trained and talented horses. We have a team of experts who have been gelding horses for years. Learn more.

Leather Work

Texas Made Cattle & Horse Company carries high-quality leather products, from bags and wallets to accessories, belts and many more. We aim to turn those amazing design ideas into reality while focusing on quality craftsmanship. Learn more.

Call Texas Made Cattle & Horse Company at 817-587-0408 for expert horse training and riding lessons in Granbury, TX.