Professional Roping Lessons in Texas City, TX for All Riding Levels


Roping is a unique sport that requires a great deal of training. If you’re interested in joining casual roping events or high-stakes team roping competitions, there’s no better choice than taking roping lessons from our experts at Texas Made Cattle & Horse Company.

Our professional trainers can teach you all the techniques and secret moves of seasoned ropers. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced roper, we offer a safe and correct training system for all riders.

4 Tips to Prepare Your Horse for Roping Lessons in Texas City, TX

Roping and horse riding go hand in hand. So if you’re planning on taking roping lessons in Texas City, TX, it’s best to prepare your horse for the sport beforehand. There are many ways a horse may react when faced with the demands of roping. By easing your mount on roping, you can establish a better team with your horse and ensure both of your safety.

Try following these tips to have a well-started riding horse for your lessons.

  1. Teach your horse basic movements

To fully enjoy the sport, you and your horse should work as a team. Even if it’s a casual roping session, your mount needs to know the basic movements. The horse should have the ability to move forward and back without dragging its hooves. It should also know how to make a stop from any speed in a single stride.

  1. Instil good manners

Good manners are always vital during every riding and roping session. Ensure that your mount is comfortable around cattle and gets along with other horses. Teach it to stand still when tied, held on a lead, or mounted and dismounted from either side. It’s also vital that your mount is physically sound and mentally willing to follow simple maneuvers such as turns.  

  1. Practice smooth transitions

Practice traveling smoothly with your horse, starting with a walk, then a trot, to a lope, and back to a regular walk. Once you have these mastered, try going from a standstill to a gallop and immediately stop after a few strides.

Keep in mind that some horses may suddenly stop mid-stride when running around with other horses. As mentioned, you need to ensure your mount is comfortable with other horses and can perform basic maneuvers smoothly while under pressure.

  1. Practice one-hand reining

Your horse needs to learn how to ride with you as easily in one hand as it does in two. Practicing one-hand reining is vital with roping since you’ll mostly have to hold the rope with your other hand. A well-prepared horse will be able to understand you through your balance, seat, and leg.

Learn From the Best! Let Our Expert Trainers Guide and Teach You Roping Lessons in Texas City, TX

Whether you want to start a new hobby or fine-tune your roping techniques, Texas Made Cattle & Horse Company offers professional roping lessons in Texas City, TX, for all riding levels. Our team of expert trainers provides complete guidance and a teaching system that suits your expertise.

We can correct bad roping habits and show you the right practices for your continuous success. After a few lessons, your catch and techniques will surely be ready for a fun team roping session with your horse.

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