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Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned roper who wants to advance your roping skills, Texas Made Cattle & Horse Company has professionals who are always ready to share their roping expertise for any level of riders. Our team offers roping lessons in Granbury, TX for beginners, intermediate ropers, and advanced ropers.

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Physical Fitness Tips for Aspiring Ropers

When it comes to roping, your equine partner is not the only one who should be physically fit. As a roper, you will also need a powerful body to swing and throw a correct loop effectively. 

For beginners, here are some physical fitness tips to keep in mind:

Be patient and persistent. 

Keep in mind that success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to learn and master every exercise. So, be patient and diligent about doing your exercises. You’ll likely feel tired and even hate the process, but do not quit. You’ll eventually see the result of your hard work. 

Stay hydrated.

Don’t forget to drink water throughout the day. You can drink coffee but make sure it’s in moderation. 

Boost your upper-body power.

Building upper-body strength is the key if you want to achieve a more powerful, controlled swing. You can start with pushups. Count the number of pushups you can do in a day, and challenge yourself to top that number the next day. It can be difficult at first, so you’ll need to be committed and persistent. 

Develop a strong core. 

A strong core will help you maintain your balance on top of the horse. The good news is that you don’t need to use special weights or go to a gym to strengthen your core. All you need is your body weight to work on your back and abdominal muscles. Two of the best exercises for this are sit-ups and planks. 

Don’t forget leg workouts.

During roping lessons in Granbury, TX, you will also need to use your legs. So make sure you include exercises for your leg during your workout. You can begin with squats as it works almost every muscle in your legs, particularly the ones needed for riding and roping. Just like when building your core strength, you don’t need any special equipment to get started with squats. 

There are more reasons to work out!

Working out can make you happy.

This statement can be ironic, considering how exhausting working out can be. But exercising enables our body to release brain chemicals like endorphins and dopamine, which trigger a positive feeling in the body and reduce pain perception. 

Team roping is a physical sport. 

Ropers are athletes. Not working out is like giving your competitors an advantage. 

Boost your mindset. 

When you’re physically fit, your lung capacity likely increases. In return, more oxygen will reach your brain when you’re stressed or nervous. As your blood oxygen level increases, you might notice an improvement in your cognitive function. 

Reduce the incidence or severity of body pains and injuries. 

Injuries are inevitable in any sport competition. By doing strength exercises, you’re likely developing muscles that are more resilient to stresses and impact forces from athletic activities.

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