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Picking the right leather product for your house can be tricky, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Leather products provide a classy feeling to whatever you’re wearing or even to your horse’s appearance.

At Texas Made Cattle & Horse Company, we ensure that our products provide the same feeling to our customers. So here’s a simple guide to choosing the right leather horse tack:

What to Look for When Buying Leather Horse Tack

We believe in creating high-quality tack, and we see every tack purchase as an investment in the long-term durability of your equipment and the safety of your ride.

Here are the features that you should look for when buying a leather horse tack:

Leather’s Texture

Is the leather supple and soft? You should avoid buying tack that feels dry since it will be of poor quality. If you bend the leather and see it cracking, it’s worthless and may be extremely hazardous to ride with. Instead, it should be flexible, pliable, and not rigid. Tack should remain pliable even if it hasn’t been greased.

However, when purchasing new tack, if the leather seems excessively soft, this is also not a good sign. This kind of tack has too much oil on it and is often used to hide poor-quality leather.


The fragrance of quality leather is fresh and warm, while the smell of poor leather may be chemical or ammonia-like. So the first sign that the leather has been tanned too fast and cheaply is an off odor.

No matter how old or fresh it is, top-quality leather has a lovely natural scent. The more leather you handle, the better you’ll be able to identify what smells nice. If it doesn’t smell nice, it’s your first clue that you’re dealing with low-quality leather.


Even if some high-quality leather is dyed, it will still have the flexibility and fresh scent described above. Poor leather seems to be “dull.” Dark color dyes may mask low-quality or mismatched leathers. If the leather tack seems blotchy or discolored, avoid it.


Why would you put the good craft into a piece of bad leather? You wouldn’t, would you? It wouldn’t make sense logically. So, next, examine the leather stitching; has it been properly completed, and is it even?

A characteristic of excellent craftsmanship and quality tack is clean and even stitching that is then completed and tucked in. Also, seek hardware built to last, such as robust steel tongue buckles and rounded edges that won’t rip the leather.

It Must Be the Right Size

When purchasing gear, particularly saddles, it must fit both you and your horse properly. Unfortunately, this may frequently result in a lot of legwork for the unfortunate owner since something lovely and comfy for you may cause all sorts of difficulties for your horse.

In conclusion, hiring a professional saddle fitter to assist you in properly fitting your saddle is a smart idea. However, don’t assume that just because you’re far away from one, you’ll get away with it! Saddle fitters often travel and conduct sessions in various places.

We Ensure Top-Notch Leather Work in Granbury, TX

Texas Made Cattle & Horse Company has everything you need for your leather horse tack because our company offers a broad range of tack and equipment and other leather products for horseback riding. In addition, there is no better assurance of quality and craftsmanship than having Texas Made’s name on your gear.

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