Best Horses for Sale in Granbury, TX

If you are looking for the most talented and well-trained horses in Granbury, TX or the nearby areas, look no further than Texas Made Cattle & Horse Company. We have everything you need, from sophisticated stud colts ready for breeding to premium geldings and stallions trained for trail riding. Get your own riding buddy from us today!

Texascattle Horses

Rope Horses

Looking for a trained rope horse to match your riding ability? Texas Made Cattle & Horse Company has the best rope horses for you. Our horses are trained using the best groundwork methods to get them ready for riding. Learn more.

Prospect Horses

Whether you are a newbie or expert trail rider, we have young and talented horses that are ready to go on an adventure with you. We also have professional riders and instructors who can conduct regular training and are ready to provide guidance when you need it. Learn more.

Ready for A Ride? Contact Us Today!

Whether you’re a first-time buyer who has built interest for horses or you’re a seasoned rider looking for the best trail-riding partner, our ranch has a wide variety of horses that meet your specific requirement.

Call Texas Made Cattle & Horse Company at 817-587-0408, or contact us online if you’re looking for the best horses for sale in Granbury, TX and the surrounding areas.