Fast and Reliable Gelding in Texas City, TX

Are you having a hard time managing your horse? It’s probably time for you to try gelding it! This service helps you change your equine’s attitude and train it to follow your commands and orders.

Other reasons why you should try horse gelding in Texas City, TX, include more tractable horses that are calmer and healthier. You’ll also help your equine to have fewer tendencies of injuring themselves or other horses. 

With gelding, your stud can grow taller than stallions like magic. It’s also low maintenance and perfect for competitive riders because it results in robust and strong-will studs you’re precisely looking for. 

Why We’re the Best at Horse Gelding in Texas City, TX

Many horse owners in Texas City, TX trust us for horse gelding for so many reasons.  We’ve compiled everything we have to offer to help you decide why you should pick us to geld your equine soon. 

Expert Team With Years Of Experience

At Texas Made Cattle & Horse Company, we want to serve you with top-notch services to keep your trust in us. That’s why we make sure to have only the best people to help you improve the well-being of your horses. 

Our team of experts guarantees you of high-quality gelding equipped with years of experience. For years, we have dealt with various kinds and ages of horses with different attitudes. Hence, we’re proud to share with you the skills our people have so that you’ll be confident in your decision to choose us. 

State of The Art Tools and Equipment

We carry a complete line of advanced tools and equipment for all your horse training and gelding needs. Complications due to inefficient tools are also prevented as we always make sure to check the quality of our materials before gelding your equine.

We Guarantee Your Horse’s Safety

Before the gelding starts, our professionals guarantee your horse’s safety by checking their health and status throughout the whole process. We want to make sure your equine is in its best health so that no other health conditions come in the way before its surgery. 

Also, we guarantee that your horses are sedated throughout the procedure to keep them calm and comfortable. Lastly, we provide aftercare for your stud and give you instructions on how you can adequately take care of them on your own.

Change the Way Your Horse’s Act With Expert Gelding Lessons

We understand how stressful it can be once your stud begins puberty. With professional gelding, you can change the way your horses act while assuring your stud’s safety and well-being. 

At Texas Made Cattle & Horse Company, we make sure you get high-quality services without spending a lot of money. Our team of experienced professionals also assures your stud’s satisfaction and comfort throughout the gelding process. 

That’s why we’re the best partner you’ll have in creating top-notch horses in Texas. Book our gelding services now by contacting us at 817-408-9130.