Winter Preparation Checklist: Is Your Horse Ready?

Winter Preparation Checklist: Is Your Horse Ready?

As the cold season approaches, it’s time to grab those thick blankets for your horse. Yes, you read it right! Planning ahead for the winter requires you to consider not just the barn, but your horse’s overall health and comfort.

Here’s a complete checklist to prepare your horse for the upcoming winter months:

Get Your Supply of Hay Ready

The change in season also requires you to change your horse’s dietary plan. Many pastures may no longer be abundant than they were during the summer. With this, you’ll need to look for alternative source of nutrition for your horse to stay fit in the cold months. Experts recommend green, fresh, and leafy hay as it adds warmth to your horse’s body. Be sure to store a ton of it.

 Don’t Forget the Beddings

In terms of the beddings, don’t just get anything under the sun. For your horse, pelleted beddings are the best choice because they are highly absorbent and comfortable. They come bagged along with a cover that you can store even in a very small space. Most importantly, they offer amazing health benefits to your horse during the cold days.

Start a Manure Management Plan

Were you not used to picking up manure on a daily basis? Well, now is the time to do so. Per day, a horse produces about 50 pounds of manure, which can quickly turn into 50 pound of mud when combined with rainwater. As early as today, start picking up manure, so it won’t pile up over the winter months.

Manage Your Pasture

End of summer isn’t the time to get lazy on managing your pasture. As we’re heading close to winter, you should start working on maintaining a healthy pasture for your riding buddy. Try spreading compost on the field to allow the grass to grow abundantly.

Consider the Grounds and Shelter

Make sure the walkways and high-traffic areas of the barn are up to par before the winter arrives. Check if the doors and windows are in good working condition and can keep up with the freezing temperatures. Also, review your outdoor lightings and heavy machinery like wheelbarrow for daily chores.

Is your horse ready for the cold months? Take note of this checklist and your horse will surely be in a good position throughout the wintertime.

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