Top 5 Horse Feeding Mistakes in Tolar, TX

Top 5 Horse Feeding Mistakes in Tolar, TX

For horse owners, it’s fun and satisfying to see their horses enjoying their meals—no matter what’s in the bucket. Feeding your horse might sound easy, but not everyone knows how to do it right. When planning your horse’s dietary needs, be careful not to make any of these common feeding mistakes.

#1: Underfeeding

While old, hardworking horses may look lean, they shouldn’t be underfed. Underfeeding won’t keep your equestrian buddy in good condition, so be sure to provide him with feeds that will give him an extra lift.

#2. Overfeeding

Unfortunately, it’s so easy for many to go overboard when feeding their horses. You don’t have to become a master chef just to meet your horse’s nutritional needs. In fact, most horses need only a simple diet of hay or good pasture to stay strong and active. Overfeeding might result in joint malformations, metabolic syndrome, or laminitis. Try to slow down!

#3. Calculating by Volume Not by Weight

Both concentrates and hay are important feeds for horses, but most owners fail to calculate the right amount for each meal. It’s because they often go by volume, not by weight. If you just go by the eye, you might end up under or overfeeding your riding buddy. Always weigh your feeds!

#4. Over-Supplementing

Giving too much is bad—even your horse’s supplements! When consumed in huge quantities, some minerals and vitamins can cause body imbalances. Be sure to have your hay or concentrates tested and check the ingredients of the supplements before adding them to your horse’s meal. While mineral supplements are essential to your horse build, they should be taken in moderation.

#5. Not Giving Your Horse Enough Water

Keeping him hydrated is the least thing you could do for your horse! If you couldn’t give him a sumptuous meal, at least provide him with a clean and sufficient supply of water daily. Just make sure that the water is neither too cold nor too hot.

The way you feed your horse significantly affects his overall physique and health. At every meal, he must be getting the right nutrition that he needs. Beware of these common horse feeding pitfalls to prevent costly consequences.

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