Facts About Your Horse’s Age and Lifespan

Facts About Your Horse’s Age and Lifespan

Just like any living being, horses’ life also comes to an end. But how long do they live? Here’s what you should know about your horse’s age and lifespan.

Fact #1: Horses Live Longer With Better Care

The average lifespan of a horse is 30 years, but yours may live beyond that age with good veterinary care. A deep understanding of animal care can improve the health of horses just how healthcare facilities can extend a human’s life.

Fact #2: World’s Longest-Lived Horses

Commonly, horses can live around 33 years old, but a lot of horses today have reached about 50 years or even more.  The oldest horse that was acknowledged by Guinness in 2012 was Shayne, a 51-year-old Irish-Draught cross gelding. Other horses who have outlived the typical equine lifespan were Orchid (50 y/o, died in 2015) and Magic (46 y/o in 2015, who might still be living as of this writing).

Fact #3: His Teeth Can Tell His Estimated Age

If you’re not sure about the age of your horse, then you can simply look at his teeth to know. However, telling a horse age by its teeth isn’t 100% accurate. It will tell you only the approximate age of the horse. As horses age, several factors can affect the condition of the teeth, including diet, vices, genetics, and basic maintenance.

Fact #4: Old Horses are The Best for Beginners

For a beginner rider, there are lots of good reasons to buy an older horse. Despite the age, older horses give you the chance to improve your skills without worrying about teaching them to behave or training them. With a mature horse, you can be more assured of your future rides and trails. So if you’re an amateur and planning to buy a horse, don’t shy away from mature equines who can help you learn to ride with greater safety.

 There isn’t a general description of how you can determine the exact age of your horse, but these facts might give you a clue. For more facts, riding tips, and horse care advice, stay tuned to us at Texas Made Cattle & Horse Company. Call us at 817-587-0835, or you can send us a message at texasmadecattleco@yahoo.com for your questions about our livestock and horses for sale.

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