Expert Tips to Safely Fall Off Your Horse

Expert Tips to Safely Fall Off Your Horse

Even the quietest and most behaved horses may buck, bolt, or spook in the most unexpected time.  Although there’s no way to completely avoid your horse from behaving unpredictably, you can prevent yourself from unscheduled dismount and minimize the impact of a fall.

Check out these tips on how to safely fall off your riding buddy when he goes out of control.

How to Fall Safely

Like other skills in horse riding, learning to fall off safely from your horse requires intensive practice. Take note that not all riders (even experienced ones) are skilled enough to do an emergency dismount. The moment you lose your balance, you may end up with some bruises, bumps, or body aches.

If you know you’re going to fall, try to take both your feet from the stirrups. For the reins, make sure to safely let go of them when you’re in an enclosed area. Meanwhile, try to hold on the reins if you’re out on the trail. In situations where it’s impossible to decide what to do with the reins, it’s always better to release it to prevent yourself from being dragged or entangled.

Ideally, when trying to dismount your horse, you have to roll out of the way of his leg to lessen the chances of breaking a bone. Aim for the ground with the backside of your shoulder hitting the land while bending like a hedgehog. Doing this helps keep your balance.

What You Need to Avoid an Emergency Dismount

  • A horse that matches your riding skill
  • A safe environment
  • Familiarity of the trail
  • Awareness of your horse’s behavior
  • An instructor
  • A fit saddle

Do a quick evaluation after the fall. Check for injury and give yourself a complete assessment from head to toe. If everything seems alright, you may climb back into the saddle. In cases where you can’t handle the fall, don’t hesitate to ask for help from your riding companions (if there are any).

Falling is always a part of horse riding—whether you’re a professional or an amateur. While on your horse, you’re always likely to take a tumble somewhere on the trail. Because horses are unpredictable animals, you should know how to handle the situation to fall off your horse safely.

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