Best Winter Care Tips for Your Horse

Best Winter Care Tips for Your Horse

Regardless of the season, it’s important to constantly monitor the health and welfare of your horse. Especially this winter, you have to be mindful of his diet, shelter, and overall well-being.

To help you and your horse survive the frigid winter months, take time to read these simple horse care tips from Texas Made Cattle & Horse Company.

Keep Them Hydrated

Impaction colic is a common issue among horses during the cold season because they aren’t drinking that much water. Also, there’s little moisture in the hay that they eat, that’s why horses are more prone to digestion problems.

Make sure your horse is hydrated throughout the winter months by giving him enough supply of warm water. He needs to stay hydrated to get the most of the nutrition from the food he eats.

Secure a Warm and Comfortable Shelter

Your horse doesn’t have to feel cold when the temperatures begin to drop. Although they are flexible to changes in temperature, horses still need to warm themselves to increase their metabolic rate and feel comfortable. Be sure to provide his shelter with additional forage and rugs for extra warmth. Give him a winter blanket that will hold his body heat.

Have His Teeth Checked

Do healthy teeth matter to your horse? Definitely! During the cold weather, he needs strong teeth to grind food properly to help him get all the nutrients and energy he needs. With proper dental care, your equine will perform better and live longer. Beware of the signs of dental problems on horses, such as excessive salivation, loss of weight, unpleasant nasal discharge, and mouth odor. Once you noticed these signs, don’t hesitate to call in your equine dentist.

Don’t Let Those Hooves Overgrow

Properly trimmed hooves will give a bit more grip on the ground, especially if it’s covered with ice. Hard ground will cause cracking to overgrown hooves, making your horse more susceptible to falling. So before it happens, make sure not to let those hooves grow too long.

Keep an Eye Out on Mud Fever

Among the various skin diseases common on horses is mud fever or pastern dermatitis. This illness is caused by bacteria that thrive in wet and muddy conditions. You want to ensure that your horse is safe from this disease during the winter months by keeping his shelter clean and dry.

The winter season can be harsh to your riding buddy. But with these tips, you’ll make his life a lot easier and comfortable no matter how hard the frigid months can be.

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