8 Most Popular Horse Breeds for Horseback Racing

8 Most Popular Horse Breeds for Horseback Racing

When choosing a horse for racing, the breed is a key factor to consider. While some breeds are exceptionally fast, others have great endurance and stamina. Want to buy a winning horse for your next race?

Take a look at these eight most popular horse breeds in the world.


It’s a distinct breed of a racehorse which originated in the native breeds of Barb, Turkman stallion, and Arabian. Thoroughbred horses are commonly used for racing because of their muscular and robust body, deep chest, broad head, and short back. They also excel in dressage, show jumping, Olympic Games, equestrian sports, and a lot more.

Standardbred (Trotter Pacer)

With well-developed and well-muscled body structure, Standardbred horses are great options for both fasted trotting and harness racing. Their special characteristics include good behavior and superb temperament. They are excellent not only in racing and show eventing but also in disciplined hunting.


Arabian horses are well-known racehorse breeds because of their stamina, high intelligence, trainability, and gentle nature. The Arabian bloodline is considered as the oldest horse breeds worldwide, which are available in sabino, grey, black, and chestnut colors. Nowadays, they are widely used in equestrian sports, circus, and racing.

Quarter Horse

Quarter horses are America’s most popular breeds of racehorses, named after finishing a short sprint race in a quarter mile. These horses have a healthy, well-structured body, short but refined head, sturdy hindquarters, and broad chest. They are popularly used for trail riding, calf hunting, and racing because of their ability to run up to 88km per hour.


Originally from Iberian Peninsula, Andalusian is a medium-sized horse known for its strong and well-developed muscular body. Andalusians are top options for school riding because of their calmness, complaisance, and intelligence. Besides racing, they are also good at hunting, dressage, and other English horse events.

Black Forest Horse

If you’re into intelligence, good disposition, beauty, Black Forest Horses are the perfect choice. These popular racehorses are bred for riding and betting. They are available in light to medium weight, with a silvery or pale mane.

Tennessee Walker

Known for its exceptional fast movement and four-beat running walk, Tennessee Walker is perfectly suitable for competition racing and trail riding. Often, you will see them in movies and shows.


Morgan breed is characterized by its well-defined wither, short back, large eyes, robust body, laid back shoulders. It’s widely used in both Western and English events, like racing, show jumping, endurance riding, and dressage.

If you’re into horse racing, these racehorse breeds are some of the best choices that you can confidently bet on. You may also ask our experts at Texas Made Cattle & Horses Co., for the best racehorse breeds, or visit our website to know your options.

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