6 Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Your Horse’s Eyes

6 Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Your Horse’s Eyes

It’s easy to think that horses can perceive things around us exactly as humans do. But the truth is, horses’ eyes can see the world better than we can. In fact, those big expressive eyes are far more capable than merely seeing.

Let’s learn some of the most surprising facts about your horse’s eyes that may come as a surprise.

They Have Some of the Biggest Eyes on Earth

With a diameter of about 2 inches, horses can see almost everything around them—in 360 degrees. Their eyes can see and notice objects and movements in all directions, even without turning around. Horses are one of the many land mammals with the biggest eyes that you simply can’t ignore.

Your Horse Has a Monocular Vision

Didn’t know what it means? Well, monocular vision is the ability of a horse to use both his eyes separately. Your horse can see most things using only one eye, but he can also see and understand two different things happening at the same time. Wonderful, right?

Horses Have Better Vision on Far-Away Objects

Don’t be distracted whenever you see your horse making unusual head movements as you go on a trail. He raises or lowers his head when he’s trying to focus on things in the distance. That way, he gets a better and greater view of his surroundings. By changing his head position, he can clearly see what’s in front of him and sense imminent danger.

Everything is Magnified

Did you know that horses see an object 50% larger than we perceive it? He can clearly see distant objects in detail—thanks to his lavishly large eyeballs! In situations that your horse spotted a potential predator, he can easily change direction and get away from detrimental circumstances.

Darkness Isn’t a Problem

One of the most incredible facts about your horse’s eyes is its ability to see in the dark. His eyes are sharper than that of a cat. So, you won’t have any problem going on a long night trail ride with your horse on the lookout.

They Can See Some Colors

A common misconception about horses says that they are color blind. The truth is horses can identify colors and shades in two wavelength regions: green and blue. However, they can’t see red or yellow. As the light decreases, their color vision tends to diminish. That’s why they may bump into anything when you’re trying to bring him somewhere during twilight.

You’ll know when your horse doesn’t see well when he:

  • Moves his head side-to-side
  • Spooks frequently
  • Reacts late to something he walked past

Because horses don’t perceive the world the way we do, it’s vital that we understand how their eyes react to things around us. At Texas Made Cattle & Horses Co., we can help you know your horse better. Talk to us if you need advice or want to own a horse in Tolar, TX.

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