5 Surprising Secrets to a Shiny Horse Coat

5 Surprising Secrets to a Shiny Horse Coat

For horse owners, nothing feels better than having a well-conditioned and groomed horse—especially with a glossy coat that can turn heads. Want your horse to get that stunning shine, too? Check out these tips from Texas Made Cattle & Horse Company!

Pay Attention to His Diet

One of the biggest factors to a horse coat is his overall health. With that, you have to make sure that he’s getting the right nutrition at every meal. Provide him with a balanced diet that contains an adequate amount of essential minerals such as zinc, iron, copper, selenium, protein, amino acids, Vitamin E and A, etc. When your horse is healthy, he’ll shine from within!

Give Him a Regular Grooming Regime

Daily grooming is also crucial in cultivating the glow in your equestrian coat. It offers you the opportunity to examine your horse and catch problems like fungal infections, abrasions, lumps, and bumps. Don’t deprive him of a great look! Shampoo him, brush his hair, and give him a good massage of oil.

Use Nutritional Supplements

Adding nutritional supplements to his diet can make a big difference to his appearance. The supplements should depend on where you use your horse. Take note: nutrient deficiencies can impact the hair production and quality of the coat.

Vinegar Works!

You may not know it, but vinegar helps retain that glow on his coat. After working up a sweat—from a long walk or an exercise, wipe a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar over his coat using a sponge, and you’ll see the results. The vinegar helps remove sweat stains and unnecessary odor. Don’t forget to dry him up!

Minimize Bathing

Too much of anything is bad for your horse—even bathing! Although a regular bath is nice, it should still be in moderation. Excessive use of shampoo can strip off the natural oils from his coat—making it look dull and dry. Be sure to use a mild shampoo and a coat conditioner after.

Bring out the shine in your horse’s coat with these easy and simple tips! If you need more horse care tips, stay tuned to our blog page.

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