5 Safe Christmas Treats For Your Horse

5 Safe Christmas Treats For Your Horse

While your horse is unlikely to fit at your dinner table, you can save him some tasty and festive treats that he can enjoy on Christmas day. Include these safe and healthy horse treats on your Christmas shopping list to give your riding buddy a delightful holiday season!

A Spice Lick

Giving a seasonal spice flavor to his regular meal is a palatable treat that your horse will love. Other than the usual hay and mash, serving him with delicious spicy food is a healthy way of telling him that you care for him. When grass isn’t available, this is a flavorsome supplement.

Himalayan Salt and Minerals

For some horses, a Himalayan salt (block or loose) is a flavor treat that can satisfy their cravings. You can offer it separately or mixed with other minerals. Also, you can add it to hay, grains, or other concentrated meal.

Concentrated Grain Mixes

Commonly in a mixture of flaxseed, molasses, and beet pulp, concentrated grain mixes have various ingredients that are a great source of energy for your equestrian pal. If you’re going on a long ride this Christmas, this is a nutritious treat that won’t fall short in giving your horse the energy he needs the entire day.

Fruits and Vegetables

Just like humans, your horse deserves a Christmas meal that is packed with healthful ingredients like fruits and vegetables. You don’t have to stick with the common fruit that you feed him daily like apples. Try adding pears, banana, melon, squash, and carrots to his meal and he’ll surely want more! You can offer them mashed or whole—whichever and enjoy.

Minty Food

Are you thinking of an exciting treat for your horse? Peppermint is an occasional yet very rewarding treat that you can add to your grocery list. You can serve it raw, whole, or crashed—the one that’s available in your favorite supermarket.

We know how much you want to spoil your horse with these delicious treats this Christmas. But take note, always feed in moderation and NEVER OVERFEED! Also, don’t forget to supply him with enough water this winter.

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