5 Best Horse Care Tips on a Hot Weather

5 Best Horse Care Tips on a Hot Weather

The summer is the best time to ride, but the heatwave can be quite dangerous for your horse. Severe heat stress may result in dehydration, diarrhea, lethargy, colic, and other serious health issues. This hot sizzling summer, be sure to know these effective horse care tips to keep your riding buddy healthy and active.

Don’t Forget the Extra Bucket of Water

During the hot Texas summer days, your horse obviously needs plenty of water to stay hydrated. A horse’s body is composed of about 60% of H2O, so he needs an average of 10 to 15 gallons of water. Always keep the trough clean, as it gets dirty a lot quicker in hotter temperatures.

Keep Salt and Electrolytes Handy

Salt and electrolytes are perfect addition to your horse’s summer diet because they replace minerals that are lost while sweating. Plus, they encourage greater water consumption. Placing a salt lick near the water trough will help him get through the heatwave.

Give Him a Cool & Comfortable Shelter

Nothing is better for your horse than a cool place during the summer. You can have a fan installed in the barn, or if you’re fortunate enough, you may get a misting system for him. As the mist sips through his skin, it will take away a significant amount of heat from his body—making him more comfortable than ever.

Avoid Sunburn

If your horse lives outdoors, he’s more susceptible to sunburn. Make sure he gets enough shade, so he can protect himself from the sun’s harmful rays. Choose a shaded spot for him to stay during the day, and don’t forget to apply some sunscreen!

Lighten His Work

When you plan for a ride or a trip under the heat, be sure to spread it out to a couple of short sessions. As soon as you take a break, remove the tack and allow your horse to cool down slowly. Give him a sip of fresh water in between breaks.

Is Your Horse Suffering From Heat Stress? Watch Out for These Signs!

  • Changes in behavior: fatigue, faltering, no interest in food, etc.
  • Too high body temperature
  • Shallow breathing
  • Too much sweating (entire body)

Heat stress can be fatal, so take good care of your horse this summer. Give him the attention he deserves with these expert tips from Texas Made Cattle & Horse Co. For more horse care tips, visit our blog page or call us at 817-587-0497.

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