About Us

Our Mission and Commitment

a man and woman riding their horses

The demand for cattle and horses has increased drastically over the years. Our goal at Texas Made Cattle and Horse Company is not just to meet this demand but to provide our customers with a ranch-raised cattle and horses that are high quality, healthy and resilient. We provide the utmost care and comprehensive training to every animal inside our ranch. We always aim for 100% client satisfaction, and the solid foundation that we provide for our livestock ensures the attainment of this goal.

As a local horses and cattle seller in the area, Texas Made Cattle and Horse Company commits to provide our local clients with safe and well-trained livestock that will exceed their expectations.

Riding For Christ

At Texas Made Cattle and Horse Company, we believe that handling livestock doesn’t have to be too aggressive. As a family-owned company with a solid faith in the value of every creature, we ensure that our animals are trained with new skills, but their natural abilities and talents are well preserved. We treat cattle and horses as friends, and we ride them like a shepherd of Christ.

Meet Our Trainer

Combined, Arrow M and Texas Made have decades of experience. Zane, our trainer, has trained numerous horses that have competed and won in the PRCA. He has been roping since elementary school and has shown horses in AQHA. Ronnie runs the ranch and is known for his honesty, integrity, and quality livestock. He has been raising horse and cattle for years.

Do you need well-raised and quality cattle and horses for roping and ranching? Talk to us today!