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Texas Made Cattle & Horse Company

We build future legends out of the superior cattle and horses we raise. We have a unique way of training our livestock and this leads us to repeat customers for years. We employ the best practices for preparing our horses and cattle for all situations without tarnishing their natural abilities. Whatever it is that you are looking for in horse or cattle, we are positive that you will find your perfect partner at our all-inclusive ranch.

As a local horses and cattle seller in the area, Texas Made Cattle and Horse Company commits to provide our local clients with healthy and well-trained livestock that will exceed their expectations. Texas Made Cattle and Horse Company offers a wide selection of healthy and high-quality cattle and horses. Our goal is to provide consistency in gelding livestock using compassionate and environmentally-friendly practices. We’d love to give you a quick tour of our humble ranch.

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We Do Our Best to Find Your Match

Our biggest priority is outstanding customer service. We do our best to accommodate buyers and offer them our high-quality and happy horses and cattle. Your satisfaction is all that matters to us.

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4 Horsey events for

We have a wide range of horsey activities including trail rides and horse shows. Get yourself and a friend for an exciting horsey event coming up.

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Texas Made Cattle & Horse Company


Kazy, D.

I bought an Angus cattle from Texas Made a few weeks ago, and the breed is simply amazing. The guys are friendly and professional, and they helped me along the way so I can make a better choice. Would love to buy from them again!

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